Friday, December 26, 2014

Non authentic 海底捞

Freaking busy and tired today. I thought I can catch some nap after running errands with the two kiddos, but omfg, they fought non stop, over pillow, blanket etc etc. 我要疯了! They literally fight over everything, the moment they open their eyes everyday. #buaytahan

And then, they will complain and complain till my ears are so full. I prayed 9372906268 times, that I can drive to and fro Malacca peacefully. Now you understand why my car got cane???

Till now, they're still talking and talking, my poor ears...

Anyway, we went for dinner at Turf City with my mommy, bro and his gf just now! Cos we accompanied my bro to collect his new car. Yup, another 323i. I'm really happy to see his achievements now. 

So we found this "chiong" 海底捞. Why did I say that? Becos they also provide free manicure service and their style is so alike. 

Hahaha hiao po deliberately choose one side with glitters and one side without, but why this orbiang color huh???

Got abalone leh!!

We chose the set menu @ $24++ with free flow drinks, appetizers & sauce (God knows why sauce also need to pay extra! =.=). 

The food is not bad lah, but of cos 海底捞 is so much better. Service wise, 海底捞 wins both hands down. But we need to consider that the price is only half of 海底捞 lah. 

I NEED TO SLEEP NOW!!! Waking up at 5am! God bless me! :) 

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