Saturday, December 27, 2014

People who love themselves more...

Think I drove for 6-7 hours non stop with a short interval (breakfast) in between today!

And I had this random thought while driving... 

You know, when my pinky was around, I had people telling me this (a few times), "can we drive your car to JB, becos its so unsafe for my car to go in?" 

Yeah right, you see my point here? So your car is precious, and mine is junk (though is quite dirty lah)? And you're 100% sure that nobody will rob me or my car? It will be a different story IF I was the one who wanted to go instead. (I'd understand if you have no car too!) 

You don't want to take the risk, then don't go. Why so selfish to ask people to take the risk for your sake? Becos you want to eat seafood? Becos you want to go shopping? Or becos you want to massage? That's your own freaking problem leh, why make your problem my problem? 

You jio me to JB, and you expect me to pick you up, risk my car and send you back after that? You take me as a fool or what? 

I was the one who suggested this Malacca trip, partly becos it's school holiday and my mom has always wanted to come. So I drove my own car, even though so many people warned me of all the risk, cos mine is an old car. And it's so tiring to drive all the way here with the heavy traffic now. 

But I take it as an achievement lah, at least, I drove myself (and family) here before. It's not difficult cos it's one straight road and if you can read and follow the sign boards. 

And if anything happens (CHOY!), I will be the one to hold full responsibility for it and not anyone else. 

But of cos, I checked that everything's okay with the car and topped up all the necessary first lah. 

At my age now, I'm not dumb anymore, I certainly know how to see what kind of person you are after sometime. And if you're those selfish (or stingy) sort, I'll just cut off the contact without a second thought.

Sorry, I ain't any angel now. I've learnt how to protect myself and my family first. And to me, nobody is important anymore, except myself and my family.

Will blog about this trip soon! :) 

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