Thursday, December 25, 2014

Where's the X'mas mood???

First post on new layout! How? Issit nice? I waited for more than a year for it! Thanks to the people at Splash Media for this beautiful design. I love it!!! This shall be one of my X'mas gift! :) 

But this X'mas suck balls, totally no have the mood at all.

Partly maybe becos I'm so poor right now, and I don't have money to buy X'mas gifts for people as I've bought myself a very expensive X'mas present. Hahaha 

Actually no lah, is I totally got no time to source for any gifts! Have been running around for my car, kids, clear work & etc. 


However, I still receive X'mas gifts leh!!! 

First X'mas present which came about 2 months earlier. THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH. 

Then, thanks to my carplate, me and my kids got these gifts! (And he sent it to my place, despite the heavy rain and he gotta work! Thankssss!) 

I still haven got time to go choose my another carplate gift; the $500 budget one.

(I got no time to meet up with my friends! Sigh) 

Talking about this, I finally got back my carplate!!! YESTERDAY!!! Missin' it so much, lolol. 

Oh yah! I'll be driving Beamer to Malacca this coming weekend with the family, becos it's my mommy's birthday and she has been wanting to go. I booked two hotel rooms. We will drive two cars there. I pray for a smooth & safe journey with less traffic jam. (Aww, I feel so man now! Haha) 

My 2nd X'mas presents for the two rascals. They chose it themselves. (But of cos, must go through my approval!) And each pair cost more expensive than my own shoes! -.-" 

Impromptu steamboat with the family on rainy X'mas eve! 

With my favourite Moscato! 

It's actually not that bad lah cos I get to spend occasions with my family. It's not any grand celebrations, but a simple dinner melts heart. 

Nanny-ing Anders boy yesterday! His looks, style & character is so Raeann. I'll never forget how tough it is to look after Raeann when she was a baby. At the age of only 23, still naive and everything-also-dunno, I'm glad I anyhow pulled it through. Please be a good boy, Anders! 

I gotta go. The kids' father is coming to bring them out to buy X'mas presents!

Happy holiday all! :) 

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