Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Why so serious?

Okay, lately, I started playing Viwawa Sushido again. Maybe my life's getting bored... AGAIN.

So just now, I logged in but connection was damn bad and it was super lag. Was playing with a higher level pro (she always win me but I can't be bothered lah), and I requested to "abandon" the game cos it was so lag that my screen hanged. 

I met her again in the next game. And the first thing she typed was "nice trick", meaning I was losing that's why I used lag as an excuse to abandon the game. And when I was winning her, she requested to abandon the game, assuming that it was the "trick". 

Being the very generous me, I accepted. Becos hello, IT'S JUST A GAME LAH, WHY TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY? CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE MEH? 


In life, you don't have to win everything. So what if you win? And you have to lose more in return? 

Prior to this, I've been receiving invitessss of the current hottest game in FB everyday, IT IS DAMN IRRITATING! Becos I received more than 50 notifications every single day. 

Everyone keep asking me to play, I refused. Cos, I don't like such games. And I've seen many cases of 输不起 people unfriending or scolding friends cos of this game. 

Le'sigh, just a game, need to go till such extend not? 

If losing a game can cause such rage, I cannot imagine losing money? Commit suicide issit? 

Learn how to take jokes and failures lighter, and it will definitely make your life easier. 

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