Thursday, December 25, 2014

X'mas Day 2014

So we went to Vivo (as suggested by ZY), along with my sis and mom, to buy the kids' X'mas gift (from him). 


Then, Meimei fell asleep and suddenly woke up cos she coughed, and puked all over herself (and my hands) at Best Denki. Oh my goodness! 
(That bag of Lowrys Farm is mine, X'mas gift from their father! 谢了!) 

I suggested clearing yesterday's leftover becos all the mood is gone after Meimei puked!


Since when manicure must put toe separator??? Hahahaha


Asked Raeann to get this instead of don't know what the hell Nerf gun becos this is more meaningful lah. Cheaper too!!!

Reason why we are doing what we are doing is becos the kids are innocent. They don't deserve to be unhappy becos of us, adults. Whatever happened to us, is none of their business. (I've always emphasised on this!)

We didn't act, we're still separated but we just let nature take its course. Even though we can't be together (maybe now, maybe forever), but kids are still ours, a fact nothing can change, and I don't wish to change. 

And right now, I believe we're happier, I believe he learnt how to cherish the time with the girls, I believe in fate. 

Kids will grow up, adults will too! :) 

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