Monday, December 22, 2014

Zen & Jing Jing ♥ 21st Dec 2014


It was my close friend's (like my elder bro) wedding last night. 10 out of 12 from our table were 1/2 drunk and my table was soooooo freaking noisy. LOLOL! BOTTOMS UP!!! Cheers! A whole bunch of super fun people. 

Blissful marriage bro! Faster make babies yo!

They dote and take care of me like their little sister, just like how I cherish them alot as my friends.

Friends, nothing more than friends. It's just some normal photos. If I dare to show it out openly, means I've nothing to hide at all. I care about my own reputation more than anyone do.

I think I'm quite a lucky girl. 3 persons msg-ed me yesterday, saying that they want to come and send me home. LOL! Sorry to make them worried. (Got scolded by my boss this morning!) I was fine, and still able to drive home lah. (I know my limit when I'm driving lah, I'm a responsible driver ok!) 

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