Saturday, January 31, 2015

I is call "The Mary"

This funny girl went around telling people her name is "Mary". Wth!!! Lil' Mary is so full of pattern, I can't even. 

Brought her to Turf a few times & she can get along well with all my colls. I think she's a social butterfly, like me. Thankful for all the love given! :) 

I swear, I will bring her up well, with all my might. If there's a chance to migrate, I'll bring her along. 

There are so many things which are unexplainable and inevitable. People come and go. We just need to learn how to accept and adapt. 该来的, 总会来. 该放的, 就要放. Sometimes, it could be a blessing in disguise. 

I'm a happy go lucky person, and I'm trained till the stage that nothing and no one can bring me down. I don't bring my unhappiness and sadness to people. Many times, I always choose to suffer alone. And becos of my character, I'm often mistaken by people, but I still choose not to explain. Becos I'm tired. 

People who know me well, protect me like crazy. For this, I'm grateful. 

The best revenge - to live better and happier. I will learn to let go of all the hatred. 

Friday, January 30, 2015

D'Kranji Farm Resort

One thing I learnt over the past few months - In life, there's only one person you should answer to, YOURSELF.

I've grown sick of thinking too much for others & I've grown sick of explaining myself. Becos even when I didn't do, people will still insist that I did. (Might as well do it lor!) And no matter what I do, I'm always at fault. Ok lor, fine then. 

In future, I won't talk or explain much, be it my job, relationship or kids, I do not have to answer to anyone, becos I'm the only one responsible for my own life. 

Time will let me meet better guys. And all the pasts will make me cherish the next better guy MORE. 

I hereby announce that I'm a shitty lousy dumb woman, and a fucked up mom as well. So if you wish to come into my life, make sure you love these few sides of me. Thank you. 

By the way, I'm not unhappy ah. Spent my night here yesterday...

Beautiful place!!!

And best companion! No why, I just feel like bringing her here lor. 

Searching for food cos I'm famished. Food are quite limited here, only one Chinese restaurant.  

Cannot believe it. I ordered all these for myself and Meimei. And I eat till I feel like vomiting. 

Back to the villa, but no photo of the exterior cos it's kinda dark and scary. Lol! 

Lovely Meimei kissed me all over. Really cannot blame me if I decided to love her more. Becos unlike Raeann, she won't and can't be bribed. She sticks with me, no matter how lousy a mom I am. 


This marks the end of our short adventure! ^.^ Left early in the morning cos I need to work and Meimei got school! 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

One man's trash is another man's treasure!

Had the sweetest lunch yesterday. 4 different types of desserts for me!!! I wasn't feeling good, I wasn't okay, but I'm glad to know that I'm not alone. 

People can say whatever shit they want, insisting that they are not in the wrong etc. I don't give a damn! I think I'm not harsh nor heartless enough, and everyone took advantage of my soft spot.

Always remember this - never cross others' boundary. 

There's nothing to justify this kind of action at all. 

You don't have the fucking right to lecture someone, when you're not any better. Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. If u don't have one, I can sponsor. 

Anyway, it's over. I promised that I'll be fine today. And I'm gonna live happier than before. :) 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Home alone!!!

Time to blog... But what should I blog about huh? Just let me 语无伦次 for this post, becos I slept only 4 hours yesterday.

P/S: Oh hi, all my bosses and colleagues from LCCS!!!  See you guys on Monday!!! =D

These two little imps didn't come back today, again. When they are not around, the house feels so empty. But when they are around, they always drive me insane cos they keep fighting!!! This is an old photo by the way. 

I've got two wishes now...

1) I want to sleep early tonight.
2) I want to go on diet.

I need to lose some weight before 5th Feb, hahahaha, don't ask me why, I just need to do it. Two weeks from now, 3kgs will do. Talking about this, I haven't weigh myself for a long long time. Okay, I shall go & do it now!


Hi again, I'm back. WOAH, AMAZING, I'm still at 48kgs, lolol. Why so? Becos I've been eating and eating and eating and eating and drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking. Stress you know! LOL! No lah, actually I'm happy everyday. Eating to me is a pleasure, enjoy life what. I LOVE FOOD!!!

But, I hope I will fall sick and lose all my appetite for the next two weeks. Else, I can never resist food. And I think I'll fall into depression if I go on diet. 

O'rite, looks like I can't fulfill my first wish liao. I blog halfway then I went to sort out and transfer photos from my phone. And wth, it's 12:19am now. 
Good night, world.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Stay blessed, everyone!

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters." 
~ Audrey Hepburn 

It's never easy to find someone like that. Someone whom you can talk whatever shit with, someone who can be as nonsense as yourself, someone whom you can be silly with, someone who can make you laugh everyday, someone who makes you feel very comfortable with and you can just be you, yourself.

And last but not least, someone who loves you more than anything else. 

And if you have found someone like that, he/she is a keeper! :) 


Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy like a baby!

Nannying Anders now. I think he's thinking of me, that's why he's smiling till so happy. Lolol

I often tell people that I wish to be a baby or toddler again. Cos those are the time when you don't have to worry about a single shit. And when you're happy, you're really happy. 

No pretend-ance, no fake-ness, people love you for who you are. 

It's not easy to find such simple happiness as you grow older. You don't know those people around you are real or fake, if they have any motive to get near you or not. You have to keep guessing and guessing. You have to be wary of everyone around you. 

But becos I'm nobody, not rich either, so I believe that everyone is real, LOLOL.

I always use my sincerity to treat people, so I've never thought of people harming me. Maybe I'm stupid, maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm a frog in the well. 

Everyday, I only choose to be happy and laugh away. Gonna stay the same cos I like it this way. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Hey Betty, I'm on a Vacay! Exclusive Black Box

Sponsored Review

My sincere apology, I know I've not been doing my job as a beauty blogger lately. Hope I'm not too late for this post! 


Black Box has launched this exclusive "Hey Betty, I'm on a Vacay!" box recently. I must say I'm pretty impressed with all the products inside. Becos I've tried all of them personally.  

All these for only $19.90!!! Additional 10% discount for all my readers! (Get the discount code from the banner above!) 

However, please note that except for the Mascara, all the other items you receive will be in travel size. 

So far so good, they are suitable for sensitive skin, but I think they're quite mild. People who are used to richer products, might not like this. 

IMO, MA CHERIE is by far the hair products with nicest scent. 

Za x Betty Boop Killer Volume Mascara really live up to its name! Want voluminous lashes? TRY THIS! This is retailing at $19.50. Which means, all the other products are free if you purchase this exclusive box and use the discount code! WOW
From an aunty's point of view, this is like buying a fish and get a chicken & vegetable for free. Worth right? No reason not to buy leh? Great and presentable as a gift too!
Quick quick, go grab it now!!!
P/S: Thank you Za Singapore for all the products above! ^.^

Lutheran Community Care Service (LCCS)

Please pardon me for saying this, I totally have no idea what/who is LCCS until recently. But I believe many of you have not heard of LCCS before too. No worries, you will know more after this post...

Lutheran Community Care Services Ltd (LCCS) was established in 2002 to serve families, children and youths-at-risk through developmental, preventive and intervention work. Our services include counselling work, family intervention, life skills workshops and enrichment programmes.

As an Institution of a Public Character (IPC), we exist to serve the community-at-large regardless of race, language or religion.

In LCCS, we create new experience through restorative conversations with our beneficiaries and their families that change their stories of relationships that are lives transforming. Restorative Engagement helps our beneficiaries to consider the impact of their words, actions and behaviours on the wider community.

LCCS is an affiliated partner of the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) since 21 March 2013. The partnership makes available IIRP’s resources and training in Singapore and the neighbouring country.

Basically, LCCS is made up of 3 main departments offering different services.


In a nutshell, LCCS is a non profit organisation which help families, children and youth with problems through counselling work, family intervention, life skills workshops and enrichment programmes. 

As such, LCCS depends mainly on generous donors. Every year, they need an operating cost of approximately $1.5mil to make sure their work is not affected.

Therefore, please help if you can afford, a little from you mean so much to them. I, on behalf of LCCS, thank you all in advance.

How to donate? 
1) Go to ->
2) Select letter "L".
3) Search for Lutheran Community Care Services Limited.
4) Select the amount and click "ADD TO GIVING CART".
5) Payment via NETS or Credit Cards.

Please rest assure that this is not a scam. 

P/S: If you don't mind, please email/send me a screen shot of your donation slip. Thank you!

Below are a few successful stories shared by LCCS beneficiaries...


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pince and Pints

If you wanna buy or sell your car, COME AND LOOK FOR ME!!! Hahaha

No lah, I'm not a car dealer, but I will get my coll to serve you and give you very good deal. #swear 

If you're rich enough to get a new car, let me intro you my dream car for now - Honda Vezel. Super chio! But okay lah, I quite love my current ride too! 日久生情了!

Word of mouth is very very important in every business. We are aiming for a long term relationship with you, so rest assure that it will be an upright, honest and good deal. 

We are located at Turf City B25 by the way. If you happened to see me there, do say hi ok? :) We can go for tea, but I don't stay there often though. Buzz me first before you go lor!

Frankly speaking, I've never expect that I'll go into any trade related to cars, at all. I know nuts about cars, but I will learn if I need to.

You know you will be willing to fight for the company, if you have an awesome boss, who is a little crazy as well. (But can I just say that I'm very very very scare of doing proposal? It kills a lot of my brain cells. And I already have a pea brain. Jialat lah!)


Overrated in my opinion. Bread very small piece leh, and it's $48++???
I think I slimmed down a little leh, lolol.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Someone asked me this question on Spring some time ago... "Do you think that everything is changing too fast?" 

I received the email notification, but I can't remember the password to login. What's new? Hahaha 

But yes, I gotta agree, there are major changes in my life recently. Good or bad? Right or wrong? I don't know, nobody knows. Every decision is a risk, but if you don't try, you will never know how far you can go. 

To be honest, I prefer the working life now, becos I get to learn new things everyday, visit more places and meet more people. There is something for me to look forward to everyday. I'm adapting well, getting along fine with all my colleagues, except one. LOL

But but, she's not my focus, so it's okay. I will just do my job and take my salary. Though I was kinda affected at first cos I totally have no idea why am I dragged into the picture. I've never wanted to compare or compete with anyone leh. But she sees me as a threat, what can I do? Aiya, 人美是这样的啦!!! 哈哈哈

Oh by the way, I've another job role now. As a Sustainability Project Executive in LCCS; a non profit organization, will blog more about it soon, click on the link to their website to find out more first. 

Any kind soul out there want to make some donations? 

Thank you very much, you will be blessed. 

However, I know 95% of the people reading this, won't click. It's human nature to be very skeptic when it comes to money. I understand. I'm just trying my luck. Becos even if it's a $2 donation from you, it mean alot to LCCS and the people LCCS is helping. I believe all my readers are kind people, right? Let me start the ball rolling lor...

Kindness begets kindness, spread love yo! :)

Anyway, my new job position sounds very chim hor? LOL

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Not so sane now!

Oh my god! I've been working on a proposal for the past 3-4 hours, it's 2+am now, and I'm not done yet.

But I think my boss will lup me deep deep cos I see my proposal quite impressive leh. That's based on my own humble opinion though. HAHAHAHA

Can somebody tell me why can't proposal be more causal and simple? That will definitely make my life easier cos I can just do it like how I blog. Lol

Example ah...

Launch of a new beauty product. 

Instead of those old grandmother long objective, maybe can put a short and sweet one like, "Make people chio chio!" 

See? Less boring right? Very precise too! People read already confirm won't fall asleep one. (Must add some singlish to spice things up. Lolol)

WHY MUST BE SO LOH SOH LEH? If can get to the point in one sentence, why must beat around the bush till one paragraph huh? I no understand. 

Okay, I hope Mr Boss and people from LCCS don't read this. Haha

I'm going to sleep now and wake up earlier tomorrow to complete the "clever" proposal. Becos it has to be done by Monday, for an important meeting. 

Thursday, January 8, 2015


I've so many roles to play now till I don't know how to describe what's exactly my job scope?

Besides EAC, I'm still doing some other stuffs. Which is why I've to attend a full day of meeting sometimes and do plenty of research and enquires.

Doing research & making enquires with a cider on a rainy weather alone. How can I don't ℓσνє my new job? 


And tiring. 

After mixing with my boss for sometime, I find that I'm very stupid. Lol! He can solve something for me in less than 10 mins. I really stare blankly at him sometimes and wonder, do such a smart and capable person really exist? Or am I mixing with too much stupid people? Till I find him so amazingly intelligent??? Haha

Sorry, I've nothing but full of praises for him, becos he's really nice to me and he helped me ALOT. He's really very selfless towards all his staffs! 

But of cos, when you've more colleagues, you bound to face office polities. Thank god I don't have to be office based. I do not know how to handle becos I didn't experience it before, neither am I one who will deliberately create trouble. But for sure, it's stressful. All I can do is to avoid and ignore. 

For my own sake, I'll fight on. I wanna learn as much as possible! Am sorry I'll be neglecting my blog, becos I really have no time now. 

If you're interested to find out more about Engine & Gearbox warranty, feel free to contact me @ 90087688

No joke, we have already replaced 5 BMW and 1 Honda gearbox. Ѕнιт do happen, you just have no idea when, and it always happen when you least expected it. 

Just like buying insurance, you don't know when you will fall sick and of cos you hope you won't fall sick but you still buy insurance right? 

EAC is the one and only company in Singapore that provides this warranty. And if you buy from me, I'll throw in many good deals for you. :) 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This is the kind of ѕнιт I've to face every single morning. I absolutely have no idea why is she so dreadful or afraid of student care, she gave me plenty of excuses and patterns every morning. I'm very sick and tired of it, anyone knows? No.

Not that I want her to go through this kind of "suffering", but she will be watching iPad or lazing around at home cos there's no one guiding her. 

I'm thankful of her very supportive student care teachers at Pro-Teach. They really give me plenty of supports despite Raeann giving them plenty of headaches and making their life so difficult everyday. Many times, I just wanted to withdraw her to make my life easier, they are the ones who asked me not to give up becos her academic will fail badly. 

The next person I've to thank is my new boss. He's very very understanding. I was supposed to go for a morning meeting with him yesterday. But I msged him in the morning saying Meimei is sick and I need to bring her to see doc, his immediate reply, "then u stay at home & take care of her, don't need to come".

I insisted on going after bringing her to the doc becos work is still work, I cannot take advantage. 

I ℓσνє my new job, totally. I feel that nobody understand how I really feel, not even my own family. I've a very ambitious nature, but I was being tied, and I'm not happy. I feel so useless staying stagnant. And it's only so much I can learn staying in my parent's company. No doubt is a very comfort zone, but I don't want to stay this way until I die. Life will be meaningless. 

My family is probably worried about my well being and safety, which I can understand. But their non-supportive actions, really make me very upset. 

They don't even bother to hear me out, and rejected me straight on the spot. This is a form of setback, but I know I can overcome it. 

(On the contrary, my friends, boss and coll are the one helping me. Really appreciate their help so much!) 

I believe in myself & I believe in EAC.