Tuesday, January 6, 2015


This is the kind of ѕнιт I've to face every single morning. I absolutely have no idea why is she so dreadful or afraid of student care, she gave me plenty of excuses and patterns every morning. I'm very sick and tired of it, anyone knows? No.

Not that I want her to go through this kind of "suffering", but she will be watching iPad or lazing around at home cos there's no one guiding her. 

I'm thankful of her very supportive student care teachers at Pro-Teach. They really give me plenty of supports despite Raeann giving them plenty of headaches and making their life so difficult everyday. Many times, I just wanted to withdraw her to make my life easier, they are the ones who asked me not to give up becos her academic will fail badly. 

The next person I've to thank is my new boss. He's very very understanding. I was supposed to go for a morning meeting with him yesterday. But I msged him in the morning saying Meimei is sick and I need to bring her to see doc, his immediate reply, "then u stay at home & take care of her, don't need to come".

I insisted on going after bringing her to the doc becos work is still work, I cannot take advantage. 

I ℓσνє my new job, totally. I feel that nobody understand how I really feel, not even my own family. I've a very ambitious nature, but I was being tied, and I'm not happy. I feel so useless staying stagnant. And it's only so much I can learn staying in my parent's company. No doubt is a very comfort zone, but I don't want to stay this way until I die. Life will be meaningless. 

My family is probably worried about my well being and safety, which I can understand. But their non-supportive actions, really make me very upset. 

They don't even bother to hear me out, and rejected me straight on the spot. This is a form of setback, but I know I can overcome it. 

(On the contrary, my friends, boss and coll are the one helping me. Really appreciate their help so much!) 

I believe in myself & I believe in EAC.

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