Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Someone asked me this question on Spring some time ago... "Do you think that everything is changing too fast?" 

I received the email notification, but I can't remember the password to login. What's new? Hahaha 

But yes, I gotta agree, there are major changes in my life recently. Good or bad? Right or wrong? I don't know, nobody knows. Every decision is a risk, but if you don't try, you will never know how far you can go. 

To be honest, I prefer the working life now, becos I get to learn new things everyday, visit more places and meet more people. There is something for me to look forward to everyday. I'm adapting well, getting along fine with all my colleagues, except one. LOL

But but, she's not my focus, so it's okay. I will just do my job and take my salary. Though I was kinda affected at first cos I totally have no idea why am I dragged into the picture. I've never wanted to compare or compete with anyone leh. But she sees me as a threat, what can I do? Aiya, 人美是这样的啦!!! 哈哈哈

Oh by the way, I've another job role now. As a Sustainability Project Executive in LCCS; a non profit organization, will blog more about it soon, click on the link to their website to find out more first. 

Any kind soul out there want to make some donations? 

Thank you very much, you will be blessed. 

However, I know 95% of the people reading this, won't click. It's human nature to be very skeptic when it comes to money. I understand. I'm just trying my luck. Becos even if it's a $2 donation from you, it mean alot to LCCS and the people LCCS is helping. I believe all my readers are kind people, right? Let me start the ball rolling lor...

Kindness begets kindness, spread love yo! :)

Anyway, my new job position sounds very chim hor? LOL

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