Friday, January 30, 2015

D'Kranji Farm Resort

One thing I learnt over the past few months - In life, there's only one person you should answer to, YOURSELF.

I've grown sick of thinking too much for others & I've grown sick of explaining myself. Becos even when I didn't do, people will still insist that I did. (Might as well do it lor!) And no matter what I do, I'm always at fault. Ok lor, fine then. 

In future, I won't talk or explain much, be it my job, relationship or kids, I do not have to answer to anyone, becos I'm the only one responsible for my own life. 

Time will let me meet better guys. And all the pasts will make me cherish the next better guy MORE. 

I hereby announce that I'm a shitty lousy dumb woman, and a fucked up mom as well. So if you wish to come into my life, make sure you love these few sides of me. Thank you. 

By the way, I'm not unhappy ah. Spent my night here yesterday...

Beautiful place!!!

And best companion! No why, I just feel like bringing her here lor. 

Searching for food cos I'm famished. Food are quite limited here, only one Chinese restaurant.  

Cannot believe it. I ordered all these for myself and Meimei. And I eat till I feel like vomiting. 

Back to the villa, but no photo of the exterior cos it's kinda dark and scary. Lol! 

Lovely Meimei kissed me all over. Really cannot blame me if I decided to love her more. Becos unlike Raeann, she won't and can't be bribed. She sticks with me, no matter how lousy a mom I am. 


This marks the end of our short adventure! ^.^ Left early in the morning cos I need to work and Meimei got school! 

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