Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy like a baby!

Nannying Anders now. I think he's thinking of me, that's why he's smiling till so happy. Lolol

I often tell people that I wish to be a baby or toddler again. Cos those are the time when you don't have to worry about a single shit. And when you're happy, you're really happy. 

No pretend-ance, no fake-ness, people love you for who you are. 

It's not easy to find such simple happiness as you grow older. You don't know those people around you are real or fake, if they have any motive to get near you or not. You have to keep guessing and guessing. You have to be wary of everyone around you. 

But becos I'm nobody, not rich either, so I believe that everyone is real, LOLOL.

I always use my sincerity to treat people, so I've never thought of people harming me. Maybe I'm stupid, maybe I'm naive, maybe I'm a frog in the well. 

Everyday, I only choose to be happy and laugh away. Gonna stay the same cos I like it this way. 


  1. Hi,
    I have the same wish as you as well. Being a baby will always be loved and not worrying a thing. When I was 13, I always wish that I will never grow, there were too many things happening at that point of time. Now I am 28, I feel that I have so much stress that I could never imagine that I will face when I was younger. Both my family and my relationship gives me lots of stress. Having to go through a illness that I suffer every day doesn't make my life easy. When my family members don't understand at all. Sometime I wish that when I wake up from my sleep. I am 16 again.

    1. If only there's a time machine hor, then we can turn back time...


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