Friday, January 16, 2015

Hey Betty, I'm on a Vacay! Exclusive Black Box

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My sincere apology, I know I've not been doing my job as a beauty blogger lately. Hope I'm not too late for this post! 


Black Box has launched this exclusive "Hey Betty, I'm on a Vacay!" box recently. I must say I'm pretty impressed with all the products inside. Becos I've tried all of them personally.  

All these for only $19.90!!! Additional 10% discount for all my readers! (Get the discount code from the banner above!) 

However, please note that except for the Mascara, all the other items you receive will be in travel size. 

So far so good, they are suitable for sensitive skin, but I think they're quite mild. People who are used to richer products, might not like this. 

IMO, MA CHERIE is by far the hair products with nicest scent. 

Za x Betty Boop Killer Volume Mascara really live up to its name! Want voluminous lashes? TRY THIS! This is retailing at $19.50. Which means, all the other products are free if you purchase this exclusive box and use the discount code! WOW
From an aunty's point of view, this is like buying a fish and get a chicken & vegetable for free. Worth right? No reason not to buy leh? Great and presentable as a gift too!
Quick quick, go grab it now!!!
P/S: Thank you Za Singapore for all the products above! ^.^

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