Sunday, January 25, 2015

Home alone!!!

Time to blog... But what should I blog about huh? Just let me 语无伦次 for this post, becos I slept only 4 hours yesterday.

P/S: Oh hi, all my bosses and colleagues from LCCS!!!  See you guys on Monday!!! =D

These two little imps didn't come back today, again. When they are not around, the house feels so empty. But when they are around, they always drive me insane cos they keep fighting!!! This is an old photo by the way. 

I've got two wishes now...

1) I want to sleep early tonight.
2) I want to go on diet.

I need to lose some weight before 5th Feb, hahahaha, don't ask me why, I just need to do it. Two weeks from now, 3kgs will do. Talking about this, I haven't weigh myself for a long long time. Okay, I shall go & do it now!


Hi again, I'm back. WOAH, AMAZING, I'm still at 48kgs, lolol. Why so? Becos I've been eating and eating and eating and eating and drinking and drinking and drinking and drinking. Stress you know! LOL! No lah, actually I'm happy everyday. Eating to me is a pleasure, enjoy life what. I LOVE FOOD!!!

But, I hope I will fall sick and lose all my appetite for the next two weeks. Else, I can never resist food. And I think I'll fall into depression if I go on diet. 

O'rite, looks like I can't fulfill my first wish liao. I blog halfway then I went to sort out and transfer photos from my phone. And wth, it's 12:19am now. 
Good night, world.

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