Saturday, January 31, 2015

I is call "The Mary"

This funny girl went around telling people her name is "Mary". Wth!!! Lil' Mary is so full of pattern, I can't even. 

Brought her to Turf a few times & she can get along well with all my colls. I think she's a social butterfly, like me. Thankful for all the love given! :) 

I swear, I will bring her up well, with all my might. If there's a chance to migrate, I'll bring her along. 

There are so many things which are unexplainable and inevitable. People come and go. We just need to learn how to accept and adapt. 该来的, 总会来. 该放的, 就要放. Sometimes, it could be a blessing in disguise. 

I'm a happy go lucky person, and I'm trained till the stage that nothing and no one can bring me down. I don't bring my unhappiness and sadness to people. Many times, I always choose to suffer alone. And becos of my character, I'm often mistaken by people, but I still choose not to explain. Becos I'm tired. 

People who know me well, protect me like crazy. For this, I'm grateful. 

The best revenge - to live better and happier. I will learn to let go of all the hatred. 

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