Friday, January 16, 2015

Lutheran Community Care Service (LCCS)

Please pardon me for saying this, I totally have no idea what/who is LCCS until recently. But I believe many of you have not heard of LCCS before too. No worries, you will know more after this post...

Lutheran Community Care Services Ltd (LCCS) was established in 2002 to serve families, children and youths-at-risk through developmental, preventive and intervention work. Our services include counselling work, family intervention, life skills workshops and enrichment programmes.

As an Institution of a Public Character (IPC), we exist to serve the community-at-large regardless of race, language or religion.

In LCCS, we create new experience through restorative conversations with our beneficiaries and their families that change their stories of relationships that are lives transforming. Restorative Engagement helps our beneficiaries to consider the impact of their words, actions and behaviours on the wider community.

LCCS is an affiliated partner of the International Institute for Restorative Practices (IIRP) since 21 March 2013. The partnership makes available IIRP’s resources and training in Singapore and the neighbouring country.

Basically, LCCS is made up of 3 main departments offering different services.


In a nutshell, LCCS is a non profit organisation which help families, children and youth with problems through counselling work, family intervention, life skills workshops and enrichment programmes. 

As such, LCCS depends mainly on generous donors. Every year, they need an operating cost of approximately $1.5mil to make sure their work is not affected.

Therefore, please help if you can afford, a little from you mean so much to them. I, on behalf of LCCS, thank you all in advance.

How to donate? 
1) Go to ->
2) Select letter "L".
3) Search for Lutheran Community Care Services Limited.
4) Select the amount and click "ADD TO GIVING CART".
5) Payment via NETS or Credit Cards.

Please rest assure that this is not a scam. 

P/S: If you don't mind, please email/send me a screen shot of your donation slip. Thank you!

Below are a few successful stories shared by LCCS beneficiaries...


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