Thursday, January 8, 2015


I've so many roles to play now till I don't know how to describe what's exactly my job scope?

Besides EAC, I'm still doing some other stuffs. Which is why I've to attend a full day of meeting sometimes and do plenty of research and enquires.

Doing research & making enquires with a cider on a rainy weather alone. How can I don't ℓσνє my new job? 


And tiring. 

After mixing with my boss for sometime, I find that I'm very stupid. Lol! He can solve something for me in less than 10 mins. I really stare blankly at him sometimes and wonder, do such a smart and capable person really exist? Or am I mixing with too much stupid people? Till I find him so amazingly intelligent??? Haha

Sorry, I've nothing but full of praises for him, becos he's really nice to me and he helped me ALOT. He's really very selfless towards all his staffs! 

But of cos, when you've more colleagues, you bound to face office polities. Thank god I don't have to be office based. I do not know how to handle becos I didn't experience it before, neither am I one who will deliberately create trouble. But for sure, it's stressful. All I can do is to avoid and ignore. 

For my own sake, I'll fight on. I wanna learn as much as possible! Am sorry I'll be neglecting my blog, becos I really have no time now. 

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No joke, we have already replaced 5 BMW and 1 Honda gearbox. Ѕнιт do happen, you just have no idea when, and it always happen when you least expected it. 

Just like buying insurance, you don't know when you will fall sick and of cos you hope you won't fall sick but you still buy insurance right? 

EAC is the one and only company in Singapore that provides this warranty. And if you buy from me, I'll throw in many good deals for you. :) 

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