Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pince and Pints

If you wanna buy or sell your car, COME AND LOOK FOR ME!!! Hahaha

No lah, I'm not a car dealer, but I will get my coll to serve you and give you very good deal. #swear 

If you're rich enough to get a new car, let me intro you my dream car for now - Honda Vezel. Super chio! But okay lah, I quite love my current ride too! 日久生情了!

Word of mouth is very very important in every business. We are aiming for a long term relationship with you, so rest assure that it will be an upright, honest and good deal. 

We are located at Turf City B25 by the way. If you happened to see me there, do say hi ok? :) We can go for tea, but I don't stay there often though. Buzz me first before you go lor!

Frankly speaking, I've never expect that I'll go into any trade related to cars, at all. I know nuts about cars, but I will learn if I need to.

You know you will be willing to fight for the company, if you have an awesome boss, who is a little crazy as well. (But can I just say that I'm very very very scare of doing proposal? It kills a lot of my brain cells. And I already have a pea brain. Jialat lah!)


Overrated in my opinion. Bread very small piece leh, and it's $48++???
I think I slimmed down a little leh, lolol.

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