Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kpo kpo!

I slept from 2014 - 2015.

Many people called/msged me, asking me where am I etc. Part of me feel like going out, but later decided that I shall sleep at home with my two babies. 


So, I just read XX's rebuts on SMRT Ltd (Feedback) which was posted about 1 hour ago. I must honestly admit, I'm so kpo!!! Here's the link, if you're kpo like me...

SMRT Ltd (Feedback) really shamed themselves in this case. 

I've to put a disclaimer that I do not like nor dislike XX. But I admire her honesty, smart (FBI investigations with true blue evidences) & witty brain. 

She's mean & bitchy, for sure. But at least, she admits to it and not acting like a saint in her social media platforms. 

It really depends on how you read and interprets XX's post on The Gushcloud Expose. To me, I feel that she did nothing wrong. 

I've nothing against GC either. In fact, I don't know they exist until lately. But, I knew that some of their bloggers are really arrogant & fake. 

If one's conscience is clear, you need not be afraid of getting exposed. And if you're really not guilty, you would be standing up, defending yourself with concrete evidences, just like what she did. 

And if you're wrong, JUST ADMIT AND SAY SORRY LAH. Nobody's a saint what, apologise when you make mistakes and not being arrogant as fuck, thinking you're always right. 

My purpose of this post is not to get famous via them. But I'm just kpo. 

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