Thursday, January 1, 2015

Twenty Fourteen -> Twenty Fifteen

Went to Turf City yesterday noon to collect my car mat, also to buy some food home for the night. 

Actually wanted bbq, but nobody was at home eh, everyone got their own programs. 

IF I didn't have kids, I think I won't stay at home too. #justbeinghonest

Look at the price of those very cute macarons!!!

Abit of a few, made up a lot. And there are only two of us, plus one Raeann, cos Meimei fell asleep at 7pm. 

She's probably the one and only friend who would always pop by my place, just to see me, becos she knew I'm tied down with kids. 

The Za vibrant moist lipstick which was kindly sponsored by Za Cosmetics during the event. It could be used as a lip balm cos it has 12 hours moisturising effect. 

Finally watched "Stand By Me", I also want a Doraemon!!! I still remember watching Doraemon everyday during Primary School, lolol.

Something sweet to kickstart Twenty Fifteen. May it be a sweet sweet year for me! :) 

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