Friday, February 27, 2015

Be insane once in a blue moon!

Yup! :) 

And this is crazy! The craziest thing I've did in my entire life, that caused $119.80 parking fee. This is crap!!! I really got a shock of my life. 

You probably won't believe where I just came back from, cos I can't believe it either, lol. Not gonna reveal nor explain much cos people will judge me anyway. It's okay. Up to you! :) 

My taste of food is always the spicier, the better. I love street food. I love hot spicy soup. I love som tum. 

Eating and drinking way too much these 2 days becos I burnt too much energy walking 2436km under the freaking hot sun. I sweat like crazy!

And it's the first time I jitao lok kok & nua. Everyone knows I'm very vain, but this time round, I ish damn bo chup. ZERO makeup & skincare! What's happening to me?!

I think I've more male hormones in this case. Or maybe I was being trained to be lidat! 

A very good and meaningful read! 

"With every heartbreak, I began to realise what I want, and what I deserve. With every piece of my heart taken and thrown away, I began to build a wall around the pieces left to protect myself. Guard myself with walls so high no one can get around it. Locked my heart and throw the keys far away. I began to trust people less and was so sure that everyone who enters my life will eventually leave, so I became the girl who leaves. And so I became the girl who leaves, before I’m left.
But I hope that someday I’ll meet someone who’ll make me stay, this time, with him."


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