Friday, February 6, 2015

Beautiful in white!

I think there's a need to warn you all first, today's post is damn super duper BHB and bimbo, becos...

I think I looked so beautiful in white, last night. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

In case you don't know, Beautiful In White is a song by Westlife; the lyrics in the previous post!
So as long as I live I love you, will Heaven hold you?
You look so beautiful in white.
And from now till my very last breath, this day I'll cherish. 
You look so beautiful in white.

A man who truly loves you is one who treats you like a princess, helps you in every ways (secretly or openly) he can cos he wanted to watch you shine as you grow and rise. He really wants the best for you, without expecting any return. He takes note of every single thing you say, try every means, just to see your smile.

But if a man who claims that he loves you, yet keep trying his ways and means to destroy you and put you down, you should know where you are placed in his heart. Nowhere. He will be unhappy and inbalanced when you're doing better or happier (without him), maybe. 

I refrained myself from revealing too much on my blog, becos I really got no time for nonsense and I wish to put everything to an end as soon as possible. I'm tired, really. 

People has been using my kids as a bait on me, becos they know that my kids are very important to me. But, they somehow forgot that I'm a human, I've my own limit and patience. 

You cannot insist that I'm wrong, just becos you disagree my way of handling things. I didn't change, neither did I become selfish, I just started to love and think for myself more. I feel that I deserved better treatments.

Just becos I didn't mention that I'm upset, it doesn't mean that I am not. I just choose not to think about it. So unless you are me, don't assume.

"Time will prove everything" is what you said. And you're right. Time has proven everything. Little did you know that, I'm good at seeing and guessing people's mind. And most of the time, I'm right in my intuition. 

I've been giving you leeways, so please stop all your nonsense. 

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