Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I believe many of you have received this sheet. Did you do it? (Apparently, many banks are flooded with red color people today!) 

I didn't wear red, and I didn't follow my zodiac timing. But I did went to cash deposit to bank in $50 on my way home, just do for the sake of doing. I did it for the past 2 years lor, but my bank account keep depreciating leh. Sianz! 

No idea what's with the standing egg rave, my sil did, I just took photo. Hello eggy, I shall cook you tomorrow. Haha 
This song has been running on my mind today... 

noт ѕυre ιғ yoυ ĸnow тнιѕ
вυт wнen we ғιrѕт мeт
ι goт ѕo nervoυѕ ι coυldn'т ѕpeaĸ
ιn тнaт very мoмenт
ι ғoυnd тнe one and
мy lιғe нad ғoυnd ιтѕ мιѕѕιng pιece

ѕo aѕ long aѕ ι lιve ι'll love yoυ
wιll нave and нold yoυ
yoυ looĸ ѕo вeaυтιғυl ιn wнιтe
and ғroм now тιl мy very laѕт вreaтн
тнιѕ day ι'll cнerιѕн
yoυ looĸ ѕo вeaυтιғυl ιn wнιтe

wнaт we нave ιѕ тιмeleѕѕ
мy love ιѕ endleѕѕ
and wιтн тнιѕ rιng ι ѕay тo тнe world
yoυ're мy every reaѕon
yoυ're all тнaт ι вelιeve ιn
wιтн all мy нearт ι мean every word

Beautiful love song perfect for wedding!!! 太好听了!

Jialat, I don't know what to wear for tomorrow event. The dress which I've prepared earlier don't suit the theme at all. And I'll be overdressed. How now brown cow? Gonna flip my wardrobe upside down tomorrow.

Btw, anyone's company organise charity run/events or do any sponsorship or donations for charity purpose? (CSR or marketing department!) Can do me a favor? Gimme contacts please!!! 为善最乐, 谢谢你哦! 

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