Friday, February 20, 2015

羊年初一 & 二


The yearly affair which you will see at almost every household. 

I'm very red this year, cos this is the only dress I last minute bought online. Plus the red bag, as I've no time to change, 很红咯! But becos it's CNY, I don't look that outstanding. If I wear lidat on a normal day, people will think I'm gonna commit suicide or something.
This year didn't turn out as boring as I expect. Met Cheryl for dinner and a short drinks with Meimei in the evening. Raeann went out with my aunt and cousins. 
The thing about me is, I care about my kids' well being more than anything else. I didn't force them on anything (except on basic education), becos I want them to have a happy childhood. 


Someone is real happy! Cos she gets to buy everything she wants! Even when the shop is already closed, they specially open it for her to buy.

Received a HUGE angbao with all these inside. Very creative I must say! This person must be so worried that I'll tio summon!!! Hahahaha 


Hello everybirdie!!! Didn't have a happy morning due to some crap. I guess one of my greatest regret in life is, "being considerate to people who are not appreciative". Saying and explaining too much is useless. You're not worth my time, at all!

Cheryl planned a sumptuous bbq at her place. I ate so much till I'm exploding. This CNY, I think I put on at least 3kgs! Jialat!

The next thing I saw was, they were all drenched. I was like omfg, I didn't bring any extra clothes. Drove back home to take clothes and towels for them. Luckily we're staying nearby!!!

Oh baby, I think I'm getting popular! Many people are reading my blog!!! (Hello there, Happy CNY to U!) They are so well informed, till the extend when I didn't mention any names, they will know who am I talking about. 

Sorry, not sorry! I mean every word I typed on my blog, becos they are facts. And no matter how angry or upset I am, I'll never do any personal attack on anyone. 

The only thing I'm guilty about is, getting innocent people involved. (I'm so sorry about that!) Well, if there's anything anyone is not happy about, come and confront me straight in my face lah. What's up with all the 小动作? Listen liao also dulan. 

Nobody is indispensable, including me. If there comes a day I wish to leave, it won't be cos of you, I just don't wish to cause unnecessary troubles to anyone else. 

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