Saturday, February 28, 2015


Woke up today and suddenly feel like cooking. I've not been cooking since dinosaur years becos I don't know how to cook, I dislike cooking & I've no mood to cook. Most of the time is anyhow cook after reading many many recipes. (Bo bian lah, no talent is lidat one!) 

Aunty 瑄 is mad funny. She heard me saying that I wanna go market, she immediately take her bag & put my money into her bag (I took out $54 cos I don't wanna bring wallet!). So she's in charge of all the finance, and she refused to let me use my money!!! Duh


The rice is failed becos it's so soggy. I don't like soggy rice. (But the rice is not cooked by me!) The soup is still drink-able though.

Then, someone cooked chicken rice in his own style and I must say, IT'S GOOD!!! Even Meimei also said, "the rice is so good!" I'm not lying. 

I admire men who can cook, becos I can't cook! Hahaha I can help to eat, cut, peel and wash though. These kind of "hard work" can leave it to me, no problem, lolol.

This girl requested to go Kidz Amaze. Jialat lah this girl. When it comes to play, she can chiong number one. But when it comes to doing homework, she suddenly become very tired and sleepy. 

Logged in to her e-learning and saw 39 assignments/tests this afternoon. GOD BLESS ME VERY MUCH PLEASE. The thought of teaching her is already enough to kill me. 

But thank god this one K.O after I came out from shower. I can concentrate on teaching Raeann without any disturbances. But I really hope she don't vomit on the bed or herself again in the middle of the night! :( 

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