Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Going crazy!

OH MY GOD! I need to rant this out, if not I can't sleep.

I pray and hope everyday, that my daughter will stop bringing nonsense to my room, it's already till a stage that I'm only left with a path to walk. 

3/4 of the things inside my room, are not mine. I have no space to put my things at all. 

And most of the things are NONSENSE. Stationeries, books, files and PLENTY of toys and soft toys, which are normal I know. But there are nonsense like blue tags, plenty of ugly bags (those free gifts), tons of waste papers, unused angbaos, balloons, and today... 

A TENT!!! She intend to build the tend at the only path I can walk, to sleep inside. GREAT! 

It's like no matter how I pack and throw, it will still be the same, cos she will bring more nonsense back. 

I used to love to keep things, for memories. But now, I LOVE THROWING THINGS AWAY. 

Actually, the spring cleaning in my house is very simple.

Nonsense which people can't bear to throw, they will give it to my garung guni kids -> they will bring back to the room -> I THROW! 

In fact, the whole house is filled with plenty of nonsense - toys that they only play once or twice and dump it aside. I've been asking people not to buy, becos my dad will be unhappy. THIS IS NOT MY HOUSE LEH. 

Ok lah, I won't ask for much, I just hope Meimei will stop messing up all the things and become neater. I ish the buay tahan already cos I feel like living in a trash bin everyday. (And the best part? She happily went to bed with all the mess everywhere. I salute her lah!)

I want a place of my own. 

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