Monday, February 16, 2015

Kenneth & Peiyan ♥ 15th Feb 2015

Say hi to the newly wed! What a blissful night, no words can exactly describe how I felt. Honestly touched by everything Kenneth did. My girlfriend definitely deserved it. She deserves such happiness. Am truly happy for her. 


Stay happy and blessed, girl! Love ya! Blissful marriage to both of you! :) 

I went alone, but was seated with all my Sec sch mates. Nice catching up with them, but was too hungry at first to mingle around. When food arrived, I became myself again, lolol. Stupid stomach, no idea why always hungry!!! Hahaha 

One silly man deliberately took a cab down and waited for me at the restaurant beside, just to ensure I can get home safely. He knew I'll be drinking, so he offered to be my driver without any hesitation. I'm so touched by all his efforts too. 

With a pretty mummy, becos taking selfie is too weird amidst the crowd, so I asked her to take a pic with me. Haha

Damn, I really think that there's a problem with this dress I'm wearing. Is either the cutting got problem or my body shape is weird. The boobs area is so freaking tight till I can't breathe well. It makes my boobs smaller than usual (already very small) and saggy. FML! I'm going to dump this dress aside for now.

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