Sunday, February 22, 2015

羊年初三 ~ Legoland Malaysia

So last minute and impromptu, booked a room only on 初二 at freaking RM1500++ per night. #killpeopleputfire

Breakfast before setting off... It's been some time since we had breakfast together, the three of us. It used to be a weekly routine, cos they love BK breakfast! :) 


Legoland is soooooo near my house lah. And there are hearsays about cases of kidnapping (child) & vehicles theft there, made me a little paranoid and worried. 

But it's not that unsafe lah. Nothing much there too, weather is damn hot and everything is damn expensive. 



Went back hotel to shower and etc becos we were all wet, tired and burnt. 

Welcome to our adventure room!!! It's really huge and nice! (Really costly too!) Kids will definitely love it! What an expensive adventurous staycation!

Creative nice platter specially made, with whatever can be found, so that the kids can eat after they showered. Very effort, I must say! 


They are super happy cos they get to play & buy new toys! Such thing can only happen once a year.

All my energy is already used up by then, even though I didn't move much, lolol. But Raeann still insist to go for her roller coaster rides! So off we go again...

This lil' daredevil is really daring. She sat on the roller coasters a few times but she didn't scream nor shout. And she wanted to go again, and again. 

She has been really whiny and cranky for the past 3 weeks, seeking for attention always, which made people really pekchek. But she's so funny and full of weird patterns, which made her so cute and lovely. We love her, for sure! 


Ended the night with wine & beer, totally exhausted. 

Break the code and find surprises inside! ^.^


Byebye Legoland! We'll be back, but not so soon! :) 

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