Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lunar Doraemon New Year's Eve

It's amazing how many tasks I can complete when the little rascal is not around. I made her go to her daddy becos I need to settle my room. It's literally impossible to pack anything with her around. Cos I pack left, she will mess right. I pack the right she messed, she will mess the left again. I'm not kidding.

Sometimes, I really can't help but to think that I'm really good at decluttering. Within 4 hours, I cleared 3 baskets of clothes, packed two wardrobes & the horrible mess (visible ones, those inside cupboard I don't care, lol), changed bedsheet and packed all the angbaos. (I'm going to wash my toilet later!) Omg, I'm good! Hahahahaha

Wah, my bedsheet is so cute, I'm lovin' it...

I think the kids' dad bought it, I can't really remember. But I found it inside the store room, so I just took and change lor! 

Every single time I changed a new bedsheet, I pray that Meimei don't pee or vomit on it. Please...

My room is finally neater, I feel better now. Tired die me! 

CNY sucks! It made people so busy for nothing. But it's also good lah, I threw away what's meant to be thrown. However, I also found some things that I don't wish to see or remember; memories. Le' sigh!

Not happy nor looking forward to this CNY at all becos,
1) I only bought one new dress. (Last time, I'd prepare at least 3 lor!)
2) I didn't buy any new shoes.
3) I think I'll be rotting at home.

The only thing I can be happy about is...

I've got a new bag!!! So chio right! Thank you very much na! ^.^

Just saw this, I think the oblivious-ness lies in our blood, lolol!

Reunion dinner with thy family, without my two girls. Guess I need to get used to being alone during CNY. They will be back later though.

It's okay, Anders boy can cheer 姑姑 up too! :)

Okay, the kids are back!!!

I miss this girl, so much. Feeling a little emotional cos she has grown so much. Her tooth has grown out. She has become much more mature. I'm sorry baby, for making you suffer for our mistake. You only deserved to be happy, that's why I respected your decision. I did not and will not abandon you, becos you mean so much to me. Please be good, no matter where you are and what you do, Mummy will always be there for you.

Sorry, I look very messy, becos I'm totally worn out from today's cleaning. A normal person won't put makeup at home lah. 


  1. Raeann is no longer in ur custody?

  2. We have shared custody all along! :)

  3. She decided to stay with her dad?

  4. wow.. ok.. be strong ok? I hope u meet better man than ur jerk ex-husband.. we all know the truth.. how he is like and what type of behaviour he is capable of. after putting up with his shit for 10 yeafss le.. it is time for u to move on and find ur happiness.. may the goat year bring u more fortune in love!


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