Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The best surprise!

If you're on my IG/FB page, you would have saw the surprises I posted lately. It's damn sweet of cos! But Sunday's surprise is astounding, it totally caught me off guard!!!

One casual question, "do you know where got sell coin prata?" in the morning. And since it's just a casual question, I forgot about coin prata, totally.

Then, I was told very seriously to stay awake till 2:20pm, and send a text to alert him. (I stupidly went to set alarm lor! Haha) 

I received a call from an unknown number at 2:18pm, saying he's from Merc cab, and someone asked him to send something to me.

I swear that I was in shock and I just kept nodding to whatever he told me. Lolol

TA-DAH!!! And with a bottle of $30 Moscato. This prata sure is expensive huh? Only that silly someone will be crazy enough to do such a thing. Thank you!!! 

His surprise skill has improved, that's for sure. Cos I (used to) always guessed it before he can surprise me. Hahaha 


With someone always feeding me with all my cravings. No wonder people said "被爱是幸福". It's true! :) 

Of cos, I didn't forget about this lil' cutie too. Thinking to enrol her for some classes leh, since I've all the time for her on weekends now.

Received a call from my lawyer today. The final judgement is out. If you ask me how I feel, a sense of relieve is what I can say. Everything is FINALLY over. It has been taking a toll on me, and people around. 

Whatever I do now, is solely my own business. Should there be any arrangement or decision made in future, it has nothing to do with anyone else. I won't allow anyone to run my life anymore. My life, my call. 

Someone should just save all his redundant worries about my future and plans. I certainly know what I am doing. Save all the hypocrisy self-righteousness and concerns please, it irks me a lot. 

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