Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Final Judgement

Have collected that 2 damn sheets of paper which cost $3,210 (in exchange for next 30 years of happiness, maybe) this morning. The flashback of the whole process ran through my mind, it's really a form of torture - mental torture. With no family support, I fought through everything myself. Can't forget how I walked out from the lawyer office alone, sobbing like crazy, for a few times. Am glad it's over. But I think I have phobia of everything now.

Life is such that, it's unfair. Becos I believe if it's my sis who encountered this, my mom (and even myself) will accompany and walk through it with her. Which is why, I became too independent for my own good. Don't get me wrong, I love them the same, and I'm really used to it. (I voiced this out as a form of release, not to prove anything or gain any sympathy. Independent people doesn't need any sympathy, becos they have a strong mind of their own, and they walk through their choices, even when they have to walk alone.)

By the way, I'm so fucking impressed with some people leh. They can push all the blames and accuse others, just to justify their wrongdoings. ⓦⓞⓦ

One of the lamest I've heard was, "You're only after $!" 

Yah, you're right, so fucking right. I'm after $, that's why I marry you. I'm after $, that's why I've to work and support myself and (part of) kids, without taking a single cent from you (for myself). I'm after $, that's why I stayed for 8-9 years, knowing that you cannot give me anything, except 20% peaceful days, 30% frustrations and 50% physical, verbal and mental abuses. I love money so fucking much till I intend to put all my money inside my coffin and burn it away with me when I die. I LOVE MONEY!!!

On a serious note, yes, I NEED TO EARN MORE MONEY!!! It's kinda sad to see my bank account depreciating like water flowing out from the tap. Why so many things to pay? Hur hur! I don't want to grow up! :(

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