Saturday, February 7, 2015

When you're happy...

Everyday is your birthday, lolol. Not me, it's Meimei. She forced me to sing birthday songs to her, just becos she got a cake. Kids...

This looks damn unglam, becos I already ate part of it. It's good, but damn expensive. $12 per piece lor!!! 

Another part of my life; EAC and LBH group. And I'm glad to be part of it. LBH Motors is expanding, so happy and proud about it. 

LBH Motors deal with brand new & pre-owned cars. If you're searching for one, come and look for me lor. I'll get my colls to serve you! :) Our showroom is at Turf City unit B11, which will officially starts operation next week. 

EAC deal with gearbox & engine warranty and car rental, and we're at Turf City unit B25. If you want to see me, please make appointment hor, cos I'm running everywhere. If not, I can get my colls to attend to you.

One of my wish now is, to see all the businesses/organisations growing; LCCS, EAC and LBH group. Should there be a day when I leave all of them, I'll still sincerely wish them all the best, and help them in whatever I can. This I promise you. 

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