Friday, February 13, 2015

Why I love my job?

I love my funny colleagues.
I love my busy yet flexible schedules. 
I love that I can drive all sorts of different cars, even if it's just for a short while. 

Yeah, I'm talking about LBH Motors here. Volvo two door C70 for sale by the way. 

Our new showroom and the back view of the very capable man behind the whole scene. I love this full length mirror lor, but I got chided for taking photos cos while posing for the correct angle, many tiko pehs were looking and discussing about me. Walao eh! 害我被讲!!!

If I'm at a blogger event, NOBODY will even bother about me, becos everyone is doing the same thing, lolol. Occupation hazard, you know you know. 

I kinda miss doing adverts and attending events. Now, I have no time for it, at all. But it's okay, I enjoyed my current job too.

Enough about work (I'm becoming a workaholic soon), let's see some photos of very cute Rocher!!!

Didn't know there is such a nice hidden place around Turf City. Truth to be told, if it weren't for work or car, I don't think I'll step in there lor! 

She's a mixed breed of Shitzu and Maltese, did I spell it correctly? I know nuts about pets actually. In fact, I know nuts about many things. Becos I'm not interested to find out. I'm only pro at things I'm interested in. 

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