Tuesday, March 3, 2015

ʆίϯϯʆε ɓʆαɕƘ δɾεςς

A little black dress is every woman's wardrobe essential. Every woman should have one, at least. Becos black is safe, black never go wrong & black makes you look slimmer (apparently yes)!!!

"Ready for any occasions, never go out of style and will be your BFF for years!"

It's true! I bought this dress 3 years ago!!! Seldom post full outfit photo becos there's no one to take for me. I also paiseh to ask people to take for me. And most importantly, I learnt my lesson. Cos you never know who is secretly bio-ing you when you're 38-ly posing for photos.

I was told that I look better in darker colors outfit. Becos I'm kinda fair, light colors make me look pale. I don't know, cos there are people who told me otherwise. 

But, I'm not a person who will live under others' opinions of me. I dress my own style and set my own trend. As long as I'm comfortable with it, I can't be bothered about anyone or anything else. 

Just so you know, I'm a very colourful person, my wardrobe is full of colors. My life is already oh-so-dull enough, I don't need anymore dull stuffs/people. I honestly think that wearing bright colors will brightens up one's day. #youcantry 

Two days ago, I started my hula hoop regime again. Becos I FEEL FAT, especially after all the feastings this CNY!!! Hello, bruised waist, again! 

Actually, hula hoop helped me a lot to get back in shape after giving birth. Not easy, need a lot of determination and endurance, but definitely shows result! #youcantrytoo

You see? I'm really very very busy. During my free time, I will have something to do too (ie: cleaning bags, blog & etc). That's why I've attitude problem towards people who waste my time on redundant stuffs. Redundant = unnecessary, no point doing and no loss not doing.


Be a woman a man need, and not one who need a man. #不要丢女人的脸

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