Wednesday, March 11, 2015


When I'm down, who will be there? When I'm crying, who will be there? When I need help, who will be there? When I fainted on the street, who will be there? Whatever ѕнιт that happened to me, who will be there? Who is really good to me? Who genuinely care for me? I KNOW IT VERY CLEARLY. 

Dislike mixing around and not one who will go around to gossip about others. When people asked, all I say is "I don't know", and it will stop all the conversation once and for all. (Maybe that's why I'm not popular nor likable?) Neither one who will find trouble, nor one who will get angry over tiny weeny issues. 

I don't compare becos I'm in no competition with anyone. That's why my life is peaceful, becos the peace is within myself. 
I don't interfere in other's life at all, I don't care and I don't bother. Whether one is good or bad, it's not for you or me to judge. My job is to take care of myself (and my loved ones) and be happy only. Yes, that's me! 
"Those who mind, doesn't matter. Those who matter, doesn't mind."
My age, my past and everything that I've gone through, made me who I am today. Not smart but certainly not dumb nor weak. I can boldly say it loudly, that I'm able to survive and protect myself. 
Sidetrack: Was reading my past (locked) blog just now...


All these were posted during 2011, when I was pregnant with Meimei. There's only one song to sum everything up...


Anders is 4 months old today! 辛苦你了, 晶! To most women/mums, sacrifices are nothing. What matters most is appreciation. Simple gesture like saying "thank you" is enough. Husbands and dads reading this, please do it now! :)

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