Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hello Kitty Town & Little Big Club Malaysia

Hey, mummies and daddies out there, look here now! You will be interested in this post! :)

If you're staying at the end of the west (like me), you may want to make a trip to...
Hello Kitty Town & Little Big Club Malaysia located next to Puteri Habour, which is quite near to Legoland. About 20 mins drive from my house, without traffic jam. 
Based on current exchange rate, entrance fee for both is about S$40 per pax. It's indoor by the way. So please do not expect it to be as huge as Legoland. However, you won't get yourself all sweaty and frustrated. I like! (Free admission for kids under 3 years old becos there are many rides they can't take!)

P/S: I tried my best to take as many photos as I can already. Suddenly fall sick halfway. Sianz!

Nothing much at Hello Kitty Town actually cos it's quite small. But they have classes like cookies decorating, jewelleries making, nail painting etc. Which make it less boring, in a way.

If you do not have a little girl, or if your girl is not interested in any girly stuffs at all (like Raeann), don't waste money and time to go Hello Kitty Town. Go directly to Little Big Club instead @ about S$28 per pax. 





Little Big Club is like a very huge indoor playground. You can easily spend the whole day there, relax and enjoy the aircon, while your kids have fun.
See huh... Some indoor playgrounds in SG are charging like (avg) S$20 for 2 hours play during weekends, isn't S$28 unlimited play more worth it then? Larger and more things to play wor. The downside is that accompanying parent(s) has to pay S$28 too, even if you're not playing.

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