Sunday, March 8, 2015

I miss my phone!


Still mourning over the loss of my phone, it's too sudden, I cannot accept the fact.

Cannot function well without my phone. Even though now I'm using an iPhone 6 too, but it's different, becos it's not mine. It's empty, without all my favorite apps, contacts and everything. I can't sync my stuffs into this phone becos there's not enough memory space. There's a reason why I need 128gb! Lol

And I realized, I'm actually not so addicted to social media, I'm addicted to my phone instead. 

Becos I downloaded FB and IG onto this phone too, but I seldom click in to check. In fact, I seldom touch the phone lor. 

I can't call/msg anyone becos there's no contact, I don't remember all the numbers. I can't pay bills becos I don't have all the stored infos and I've to re-key everything. I can't do a lot of things! 

So I went shopping... LOLOL

And bought $19 worth of Étude house's masks. Then I suddenly miss Korea becos masks are sooooo cheap there. 

My intention is not to go shopping though, I went to get a refund for my faulty zip skirt which I got it online. Then I went to bank in all their angbaos money. 

Thank you for all the contributions. It's such a tedious job to open up and count at least 80 angbaos, especially when all the new notes stick together. I spent one whole morning to do it. 

Then, I've to think of how to bank in separately to get the free gift (mighty savers) for both of them. And then transfer it to the CDA account to utilize the $ for $ bonus. Think I've got my mom's gene to transfer funds here and there to make full use of it, lol. 

Received a not-so-happy news this afternoon & it keeps me wondering... "Does it really pay to be nice?"

Seems like nice people always get tons of shit from others. While those not very nice people get plenty of love. It's so sickening! 

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