Thursday, March 5, 2015

L҉I҉V҉E҉ ⚬ L҉A҉U҉G҉H҉ ⚬ L҉O҉V҉E҉

Dear boss of Pasabella, the mirror inside your toilet is amazing! It makes people look slimmer. Hahaha (I posted this on my IG/FB, and there are people who agreed with me too!) 

Today is one of those days when I need to dress down. In fact, I don't really have a fix dressing. I dress whatever I like, depending on my mood and what I can find in the morning. 

I really need to rave about today's lunch (or issit high-tea? lol) becos it's (I think) the best Japanese food I ever ate before. Their price is also quite "best" though. 

This is so so so good!!!

I was there for work hor, then 顺便 eat. Hahahaha #nowonderimfat #howtonotlovemyjob #livetoeat

Then, I reached home to my ASOS parcel! Yay!!! 

(I was kinda bored in the noon during the first day of CNY, then I received an email from ASOS stating that they're having CNY sales, store wide at 15% discount!! I feel sorry if I don't purchase anything! LOL) 

Bought two pairs of heels and a dress! All for S$96.77 only!! Cheap right? 

And everything fits like a glove! I really love my short and fat figure, cos I can buy clothes and shoes quite easily. 

But of cos, when it comes to online shopping, you will need some skills. 

1) Know your measurements well. 
2) Buy from reputable shops which provide good quality and service. 

And when you get familiar, you will get addicted, becos it's only a click away. Tmd, too convenient and it's quite harmful to pocket. 

For my case, I usually wear S; UK6-8, UK8 to be safe. If too loose, then I can have a reason to eat more lor! 

Here's a list of online shops I purchase from, regularly... #dontsayineversharehor


(Both provide free shipping worldwide!) 

Okay, happy shopping! :) 

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