Friday, March 27, 2015

Marry the one you love, love the one you marry!

Putting aside all the political issues for now, this is something that Mr LKY did that touches many's heart, including mine.

How many men in this world can actually do all these? IMHO, the best way to love your children, is to love their mother. (Tips: Many women actually love kisses on their forehead! Haha)

Children should grow up in a loving family. There's no point staying together for the sake of them, but letting them see arguments and quarrels almost everyday.

Children don't listen to your advises, they follow your example. If you really love your kids, let them grow up in a healthy loving environment. Never ever pollute their mind by telling them bad stuffs about your spouse. That's how I feel. 

Mr D has spoilt me max. So, I'll pamper him too, with all I can afford. Nope, it's really not the gift that matters. It's how much you mean to that person, he/she think of you wherever he/she goes and whatever he/she do. 

And I really gotta agree that distance makes the heart grows fonder. It's when they are away, then you realise how much you can/cannot live without him/her by your side. 

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