Monday, March 30, 2015

Mega updates!

Totally random post! 


She's my pride, my joy, my frustration, my anger, my everything. 

Unlike her sister, I'm super thankful that she was an easy baby, which made my life so much easier when she was younger. However, she has grown up to be a little terror. One thing that didn't change is that she still sticks to me like leeches. 

She's like a little icon of me. Sometimes, I don't know if I should laugh or cry at her nonsense becos I'm just as nonsense as her. Hahaha 

Read Qiuqiu's blog last night about her confinement and breast feeding. I feel her, really. 

Becos I tried ways and means to breast feed Meimei, but the milk flow decreased day by day after taking medicine for my womb infection. I was mega depressed. I tried all ways and advices, but to no avail. I woke up twice in the middle of the night to pump in my sleepy mode, I drank papaya fish soup, I took supplements, etc etc, they just didn't work. 

Until my CL persuaded me to give up, she asked me not to push myself too hard. 

It was so unfair cos I was being forced to give up breast feeding during Raeann's time. My breast engorged till I felt like it's exploding anytime. It was so super painful till I fell sick. And during that time, I didn't had much help without a CL. I cried almost everyday for a month. I begged my mum to bring me home. 

Being a mom at a naive age is really hard, I'm glad I pulled it through. Nobody to blame except myself, I didn't get myself ready and prepared.

Life is such. You have to learn along the way, it's whether you want to do it or not. 

And hey, look how adorable Anders is now! His mummy and daddy are doing a great job! Well done! Cute 到!!!


Porridge buffet at Quality Hotel becos le' man loves porridge, and of cos, ME!!! Lolol 

Sorry, now is not the right time to reveal too much about him. But yes, I've someone to love, pamper and take care of me now. Okay, that's all I can say. 

Guess I didn't mention before, my dad changed an old car few months back (from his own lobang), soon after me and my bro bought our BMW. 

So he was damn stubborn. He refused to listen to us, as usual. And even scolded me. 

It's just 3 months, HIS GEARBOX CHUI LIAO. He sent for a check today and cost him a bomb. Came back with justice bao face but didn't dare to complain. 

Gearbox and engine are like heart and kidney to the car. When it's damaged, it cost a bomb. That's why I've been emphasising that getting a warranty for Gearbox and engine is useful and worth. It buys you protection and saves you from headache. If anything happens, we will handle it for you. 

Feel free to contact me, we will be glad to furnish you with more details. 

Also, buying a car from reliable and honest dealer saves you a lot of money and trouble. 

I guess one of my reader here (which I still don't know her name yet) knows it very well now. (Thank you for trusting me!) Am glad we managed to help them solve their problems! :)
People who know me, know, that I will not be confident about the things I'm unsure. Usually, I'll just keep quiet and stay in my own world lor. Haha! And I'll always give my most honest opinion if you ask, even if it's something you dislike to hear. 

I'm the kind of person, if you like me, okay thank you. If you don't like me, then fuck off, I do not like you either, kthxbye. I despised bootlickers. 


  1. Have been reading your blog for quite a while now. I am so happy that you have found someone.


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