Thursday, March 26, 2015

Seoul Tower Love Locks

One day, I want to return to Seoul and visit Seoul Tower and place a love lock there with my man. 

No idea how many percentage of the locks work, but if I can find a man who love me more than I love him, I WANT TO LOCK HIS HEART FOREVER. So he will continue loving me. And me? Continue bullying him. Hahahahahaha 

Just kidding. But I really want to visit this place! I miss Seoul, so much. I miss the cold cold weather...

Exactly two years ago, I was there! Till we meet again, Seoul.

On a side note, I miss Tokyo and Osaka too. The uncle who helped me to enrol into the Osaka Uni, suddenly passed away recently, due to heart attack! :( 

It's very saddening to get all these heart breaking news. Life's short and unpredictable. You don't know when you will die, there are so many ways to die, no matter how much you cherish life. 

Whenever I thought of this, I will not want to work so hard, and enjoy life as much as I can. Money is a need, but there's no point if you cannot enjoy and spend what u earn. Cannot bring into coffin what! 生不带来, 死不带去! 

Most importantly, always ask yourself this question, "are you happy with your current life?" If no, move on. 

Moving on is very very hard. But once you do so, you will feel that it's one of your best decision, ever. 

And by the way...

The black tee Sunday has been spreading like wildfire! So is black or white? Does it really matters? I'm gonna wear black AND white on that day. Monochrome lah! 

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