Saturday, March 7, 2015

Siloso Beach Resort

Before I start, let's stay silent for a minute to pray for...

My phone!!! Even though you only stayed with me for a mere 3 months, but you contained plenty of happy memories. Rest in peace. You will be remembered! :(

This swimming pool is so beautiful. It's one of the highest manmade waterfall natural spring water swimming pool, also the longest landscape swimming pool you can find in Singapore. If it's not cos of my phone, I'd have totally enjoyed myself. 


This was where my phone fell and drown to its death. Becos I was trying to save MeiMei from falling from the high step, the phone slipped through my fingers. 

Even though I was very depressed and upset, becos I lost all my photos that I took recently and had no time to sync it yet (but thank god I uploaded some), and the phone is damn expensive, but I didn't cry, nor flare up. There's no one to blame, but myself. It's the first time I'm so careless though. 

On the other hand, I'm very thankful that MeiMei is fine. Guess the sudden first reaction determines what/who is more important in your life, becos you didn't even have any chance to think, you just do it. 

Just like how someone jumped into the pool immediately and injured himself, just to save my phone, becos he knew that it's very important to me. 

It felt so different. If it's last time, I'll get scolded very badly even when I didn't complain. But he felt my sadness even when I stayed silent and was expression-less (cos I was shocked). He immediately went to order a new similar phone for me. And he passed me his phone to use first, that's why I've a phone to use now.

I don't think I deserved all these!!!

And he has been constantly apologizing to me, when it's not even his fault at all. While there are people in this world, who won't even apologize for their own mistakes. How irony huh? 
How important you are to someone can be seen and felt via his actions, not words. 



Kids are so difficult to handle at times. For this, I need to credit someone for putting in effort to pacify MeiMei so I can bathe peacefully, without hearing the door being banged down. 

I don't wish to compare, but it just felt so so so different, again. I'm really lucky and blessed. Thank you! 

I can sit by the beach for hours, and fall asleep. Happiness can be so simple! ^.^

Packing & unpacking luggage has already become part of my life/routine. I'm doing it like every week!!! Unlike the past, I'll think of what to bring and match. Now, I just throw in whatever I can see, very pro at it now. 


  1. So happy for you!!! May you be blessed with happiness and love every day of your life!!!


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