Monday, March 23, 2015

Thank you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew!

This really touches my heart, a lot! 
“We have never allowed the other to feel abandoned and alone in any moment of crisis. Quite the contrary, we have faced all major crises in our lives together, sharing our fears and hopes, and our subsequent grief and exultation. These moments of crisis have bonded us closer together.”
And this is what we called "true love". Have found "the love of your life" yet? 

I'm tearing now, while watching his tributes on TV. Goodbye is always the hardest, albeit inevitable. Everyone has to go one day. But I really really hate such feeling. 


He has lived his life worthwhile and fulfilled. People across the world are offering tributes for him. 

Regardless of controversy, Singapore and Singaporeans owe it to him. He brought Singapore to where it is today. He has became a legend who all Singaporeans remember for life. 

Thank you once again, Mr LKY! 

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