Wednesday, March 18, 2015

"You're more than what you think!"

My body really gave way liao, I'm sick now; cough, flu, fever, they're visiting me one by one. Hate such half dead body, I'd rather to be totally gone, and sleep for a day or two.

Someone (let's name him Mr. D hereinafter) got so worried and waited up the whole night, in case I need to see a doctor or what, he will be just a phone call away. 

And this morning, he insisted to send me to work. He's staying very far lor! That's not all. He even made herbal tea, bought me my daily dosage of milk tea and yummy breakfast. 

(Being dragged to see a doctor too!)

That's what I always meant by "action speaks louder than words!" 


And you know what's worst of the worse? 

You don't even know that the one sleeping in the same room with you everyday, is not feeling well. 

Talk about love, care and concern huh? LOL

A (mummy) friend posted this on my FB wall last night... 

Another one PM me this morning...

Disclaimer: I posted these with absolutely NO intention to put down anyone. I didn't make any announcement on FB, at all.

Well, there were more along the way actually. I'm glad to know that there are people out there who understand how I felt, and sincerely wish me all the best. 

I appreciate it very much and hereby giving my heartfelt thanks to them. Let's all fight on, to a better future ahead.

Very drowsy, grouchy and sensitive for the whole of today. Felt like I'm floating, instead of walking. Appetite reduced by half. Love-hate feeling towards being sick.

So, good at reading people lies in the blood huh? Lolol

Floating off, bye! 

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