Wednesday, April 29, 2015



Random sidetrack: Nice song!

I always have a soft spot for personalised stuffs. I'll spend, if the price is reasonable. I customised two different notebooks becos I don't want to get mixed up, I will have a hard time searching for the notes I took. 
Being organised is the result of handling administrative stuffs for the past 10 years. Paper work and running errands to me is chicken feet, it's just want or don't want to do only. In fact, EVERYONE can do it, it's a routine job that doesn't requires much brain (pun intended). And if there comes a day when I've to take over all the paper work from another company, I WILL, becos giving in to black sheep is not my style. If you're not interested to do, then get lost.
Mixing personal issues and professional duties together is one of the most common and stupid mistake people made, especially those without burdens. But when you have a family or kids to support, all these to you will be classified as childish, becos you have much more important things to focus on.
Frankly speaking, I don't care about man or love (that's bonus), but I'll get worried if I've no money to pay my bills, no money to pay my house, no money to pay my kids' school/tuition/bus fees, no money to bring them for good food or no money for shopping.

Note to self! When there's a will, there's a way!

Monday, April 27, 2015

A super bimbo post!

Was looking through my past photos/videos on my hard disk yesterday and realised that I was indeed quite free in the past, lolol. Becos I've so many photos!!! And a range of hair colours! Lol! Some of the photos I don't even remember taking them before.

Erm, my hair color is more decent now cos hor, I've no time to visit hair salon. I actually went to "darken" my whole head the last time I went, but my hair always lighten after a few wash. 

Aiyo, I've never been so constantly busy before leh. New tasks came before I complete the existing ones, so it's kind of neverending. I suspect my boss is trying to grill me. I'm just kidding. 

When I've time hor, I want to blog about some 3 points auto dealer... In a whole, don't say if you can't honour your words, and don't keep twisting your words around!!! No integrity and dishonest. Pui! 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Love is...




GROWING FAT TOGETHER! HAHAHA! The last two were home cooked, thank god for a man who can cook! :)

Yes, he is. And becos he is, I cannot stand people who took advantage of him becos he's nice. I'm angry when it's becos of me, he had to put up with nonsense people. And that nonsense has been giving him ALOT of nonsense from time to time. He didn't tell me becos he knew that I'm a very reactive person. 

Yes, I am. That's becos I'm not one who will create nonsense for others, but I welcome anyone who tries their ways and means to find trouble, with me, or people I love. 

You know why?

Becos you've no right to. ONLY I have the right to bully him. 

You know why again?

Becos he loves me. Period! 

Things are simple, humans are the complicated ones. If you're complicated, that's your own fucking problem, don't make life difficult for others.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Too busy loving myself!

While typing this, I'm still thinking of what should I titled this post. I've no specific thing to blog about, but I just want to blog. I've plenty of things to do, but I still want to blog.

Becos someone reads my blog and made herself so angry and throw her fucking childish tantrum at everyone. Seriously? Grow up! You think you 14 years old ah?

First of all, in case you don't remember my face...

Aww... How I miss my own face! 

If reading my blog made you so damn unhappy, I've a good suggestion, don't read lor. Else, don't blame me for making you unhappy. Becos the more unhappy you are, the more I'm gonna blog about my happy loving life! I'm gonna show you my loving bed AGAIN...

(JUST FOR YOU, my next 10 posts will be how loving we are. My advice to you is, don't ever click into here to read.)

Love my cozy room and my bed beyond words. You know why? Becos of that loving drill and the loving man. This bed is made with love. Feeling sour? Too bad then. You think I care? Fuck off. 

Becos I'm really too busy to be bothered with you. Let me share with you what's my motto for everyday...

❝ʆίѵε εѵεɾψ ʍσʍεηϯ ✦ ʆαմɡհ εѵεɾψδαψ ✦ ʆσѵε ɓεψσηδ ϖσɾδς❞

Thank you Pink Nail Studio (Jennifer and Esther) for this new set of nails. Thank you for being my nail sponsor for the past 1 year plus. Sorry that I've not been active in my blogger job. I'll slowly go back to it.

Pink Nail Studio is a gem in the heartland, small but super cozy and best of all, it's in Jurong! Jurong is a kampong but it's a place where I grew up in, and most comfortable with. 

Call for your appointment now - Esther 9227 7000

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm a workaholic!

My workstation after 8pm for the past few days. And I've been burning midnight oil! Not that I'm given a tight dateline, but I just want to complete it, so I can focus on the next one. 

And when it comes to proper work, I'm a perfectionist. I need everything to be filed and labelled neat and tidy. My character is such that, either do it perfect or don't do it at all. 

I was learning how to use Wordpress through trial and error for the past few days, becos I want to update my company's website! I don't wish to rely on our web designer which will probably takes him 2-3 weeks to update a page. 靠人不如靠己! 

And being a total noob with Wordpress, I'm kinda impressed with myself for updating and creating a brand new page for our new services! Created and watermarked those tables and photo too! Not bad hor? 

Told my boss that I'm very very particular about website becos I feel that most people search everything online nowadays. Imagine people wish to find out more about your company, but when they enter your site and it's not been updated for a long time, what will be the first thing that comes to their mind? Put yourself in their shoe, and you will get what I mean. 

And I'm proven very right today... 

By a business book! 

Just like a blog, if I didn't update it for more than 6 months, will people still want to come here? They wouldn't even bother to click or remember my blog address anymore. 

But to me, it doesn't matter lah, cos I didn't blog for others, and I've no time for adverts or reviews now. 
Totally exhausted. I really need to sleep now. I took only 15 mins to type this post! 

Saturday, April 18, 2015


While doing some work earlier, I chanced upon a video my friend posted on FB. About crowdsourcing - which basically means, "knowing what your target audience want before making a plan".

I show you something ah...

It's kinda funny why my post on EAC reached out to more people than the original giveaway post. 

For this, I concluded, my target audience (readers) is more interested in my nails, my hair, my face, my eyebrows, my bed (which surprisingly garnered 109 likes, idky), my kids, my life and basically everything about me. 


See? It's true. I think I do marketing for myself will be better lah. FYI, I didn't spread/share/market all these posts at all.

One of the best marketing strategy - knowing what your target audience wants and needs, and putting them into your plan. 

Let me put a disclaimer first - I've not studied anything about marketing before. I'm learning through articles, research & plenty of trials and errors now.
My life changed, tremendously. Now, my brain cannot stop functioning (thinking) the moment I'm awake, all the way till I'm asleep.
It's like, I'm trying to squeeze out all the brain juice that I've accumulated over the past 10 years. I actually spent half of my afternoon today, researching and working on a new proposal for LCCS! 

Honestly, I think my bullshit skill on proposal has improved. I can now "expand" one short and clear sentence into one paragraph. Maybe with a few more practices, I can make a sentence into one page, a 5 pages proposal into 50 pages! Hahaha

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Room Tour (Project D.I.Y)

Warning: It's gonna be a very long post!!!

Can't wait to show you guys how cozy and nice my room is now. Wanted to post this long ago, but decided to wait till everything's done, then you can see the GREAT difference!

This was how my room used to look like (dismantling the old bed halfway); incredibly messy, dirty and space-less. 

Had wanted to change to a double deck bed long time ago, but kept procrastinating becos I'm lazy, and it's not that cheap. 


He decided to design and build one for us! He really deserved all the credits. 

1) He designed and built this bed, all by himself. Calculated the materials over 4 coffees and 2 toasts.

2) He went to purchase all the heavy wood, woke up at 4am to cut/saw or whatever you call it, all my himself. 

3) He screwed and fixed it step by step and got himself injured, quite badly. (I felt so guilty!) 

It's not easy at all becos the wood is so super knn heavy. My bed weighs 330kgs in total, there's no way I can even shift a little at all. 

He's incredible, amazing, scarily talented and best of the best. 

So what did I do? 

I went to buy food, cleared and cleaned the room, helped to carry the wood up, walked up and down more than 20 times, drank abit of moscato, kpkb here and there, sweated like mad and... 

Sanded (raw wood) and cleaned up the whole bed and room. By the time I finished, I think my soul already left me. I got no strength to even talk. It's so freaking tiring!

We saved $1,000, but that's not the main point. The effort and time spent together to do it + whole body ached the next day = priceless memories. 

I'VE GOT THE MOST PRICELESS (and heaviest I think) BED IN THE WORLD. 独一无二 ok! I love it so much even when it's plain, unpainted and un-lacquered. 很有满足感咯!!!

Somehow, I see my father's patterns in him. The old man food they like to eat, the everything also must do ourselves attitude, the everyday must scold people habit and the sot sot character. Wah piang eh! (Maybe he will ask me to check cctv to see who stole his papaya away in future! Haha)

But one thing for sure, I know he loves me (and my kids), always trying to give me the best and whatever I want, spending all his free time with me and giving me all the assurance. And hahaha, he always give in to me!!! 

Everything is so ridiculously convenient nowadays, you can get it with just a click or a phone call. Called to order the mattresses, pillows and bolsters at around 6pm, and they delivered around 9pm. Found the contact on Carousell. In fact, other than those D.I.Y wood materials, I bought almost everything online. My bedsheets (plus quilt and quilt cover) is also found online, but I went down to their shop to purchase. And it's soooooo comfortable!!! Money well spent, even though it's not very cheap. But me and my kids can sleep soundly. Good investment I must say!  

Next up, study table. 

One of my purpose to change into a double deck bed is to make space for a proper study area for the kids. They need a proper table to do their homework.

Can't decide if I should get a study table or make two foldable tables and get a bookshelf/cabinet? I'm very very sure they will fight over the study table, so I need to get two, but there is not enough space. Hence, decided on foldable tables instead...

Wanted to get this from ikea but realised the size is too big to fit. So...

It's D.I.Y time again!!! Each piece of wood (customised according to the size we wanted) cost $4 and bracket at $12.90 each. Total cost of two tables = $ 33.80 only!!! We saved money again! But the sanding part, again, is priceless. I sanded it till super duper smooth can.

These tables have gotta be one of my most brilliant idea, ever. Saved so much space, each has their own table, I can use it to put my laptop when I need to work, and most importantly, I can lie comfortably on my bed while teaching Raeann her homework and I don't have to split myself into two to attend to them. Meimei can choose to do her own work or lie beside me on the bed. 

Then, bookshelves. 

Since I've limited space left after getting a long mirror cum accessories organiser, I can only search for something not more than 80cm. It's really very headache to do planning/designing. So, imagine to plan/design a bed? I cannot imagine, becos I'm not so smart, I wouldn't even think of doing it, at all. 

And finally, after searching for a few days and nights, I found this pretty thing on Qoo10. (If you're interested to buy, I've shared the link on my FB page - While typing this, I'm fuming mad! Becos they're having discount now and I can save $30 if I order two days later! $30!!!)

Anyway, the delivery was damn fast, 2 days after I placed my order. 

Lastly, the deco. 

I spent a few days measuring, thinking and searching (everywhere online; qoo10, Carousell, Facebook etc). How to decorate, what to put and buy etc. Le' bf said I machiam got possessed, becos once it reached 10:30pm, I'll start measuring here and there. Hahahahahaha

Trying my best to make the room as less "cute" as possible. And I want it personalised. Wall decal is the most amazing decoration ever. It literally brightens up boring house/room, immediately. 

I love all the decals! Bought them from Carousell (a few different sellers), and they cost about $100+ for all. There are a few extras though. Gonna donate them to EAC's office!

Welcome to my very cozy lil' room!!! ^.^

3 hours - 83 likes and counting. I'm also very impressed, by us.