Monday, April 27, 2015

A super bimbo post!

Was looking through my past photos/videos on my hard disk yesterday and realised that I was indeed quite free in the past, lolol. Becos I've so many photos!!! And a range of hair colours! Lol! Some of the photos I don't even remember taking them before.

Erm, my hair color is more decent now cos hor, I've no time to visit hair salon. I actually went to "darken" my whole head the last time I went, but my hair always lighten after a few wash. 

Aiyo, I've never been so constantly busy before leh. New tasks came before I complete the existing ones, so it's kind of neverending. I suspect my boss is trying to grill me. I'm just kidding. 

When I've time hor, I want to blog about some 3 points auto dealer... In a whole, don't say if you can't honour your words, and don't keep twisting your words around!!! No integrity and dishonest. Pui! 

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