Saturday, April 18, 2015


While doing some work earlier, I chanced upon a video my friend posted on FB. About crowdsourcing - which basically means, "knowing what your target audience want before making a plan".

I show you something ah...

It's kinda funny why my post on EAC reached out to more people than the original giveaway post. 

For this, I concluded, my target audience (readers) is more interested in my nails, my hair, my face, my eyebrows, my bed (which surprisingly garnered 109 likes, idky), my kids, my life and basically everything about me. 


See? It's true. I think I do marketing for myself will be better lah. FYI, I didn't spread/share/market all these posts at all.

One of the best marketing strategy - knowing what your target audience wants and needs, and putting them into your plan. 

Let me put a disclaimer first - I've not studied anything about marketing before. I'm learning through articles, research & plenty of trials and errors now.
My life changed, tremendously. Now, my brain cannot stop functioning (thinking) the moment I'm awake, all the way till I'm asleep.
It's like, I'm trying to squeeze out all the brain juice that I've accumulated over the past 10 years. I actually spent half of my afternoon today, researching and working on a new proposal for LCCS! 

Honestly, I think my bullshit skill on proposal has improved. I can now "expand" one short and clear sentence into one paragraph. Maybe with a few more practices, I can make a sentence into one page, a 5 pages proposal into 50 pages! Hahaha

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