Wednesday, April 15, 2015

EAC's FB Giveaway Contest

Hello hello! Sorry for not updating. I'm busy with my work, room and kids lah. Meimei was sick for quite a long time, I wasn't feeling well too, keep getting migraine leh!

As mentioned in my previous postsss, EAC has just launched a giveaway contest with fantastic prizes! There will be two winners and each will walk away with prizes worth up to $2k each!!! 

Look at the very cute comic strips, thumbs up to our designer! It's 95% close to what I described to him! Great job! Well, the story line sounds very familiar right? Hahahahahaha #thankgodmyfatherdontreadmyblog

A picture speaks a thousand words, many people knew that engine and gearbox are very very crucial parts to their car. But most people think that they won't be so sway one lah. Then when shit happens, they can only cry to God. 

Ѕhit does happen! And it will always happen when you think it won't. Sorry I'm not cursing you, but I've seen real life stories lor!  

Anyway, you can join the FB contest and who knows you might be the one walking away with one year free E&G warranty + 2 basic car servicing package? 

It's okay if you don't own a car, you can get your family members, bf/gf, relatives, friends or anyone you know who own a car to join. It's open to anyone who owns a car! :) Share this piece of good news around now!



➪ тнere wιll вe 2 lυcĸy wιnnerѕ and eacн wιnner wιll walĸ away wιтн 1 year engιne & gearвoх warranтy and 2 вaѕιc car ѕervιcιng pacĸage worтн υp тo $2ĸ eacн!

➪ тo parтιcιpaтe ιn тнe conтeѕт, ѕιмply lιĸe EAC's ғaceвooĸ page, "LIKE" and "SHARE" тнιѕ ғlyer, poѕт a coммenт wιтн yoυr car мodel & daтe oғ regιѕтeraтιon oғ yoυr veнιcle.

➪ ĸιndly reмeмвer тo ѕeт yoυr ѕнarιng poѕт тo pυвlιc oтнerwιѕe we won'т вe aвle тo vιew yoυr ѕнarιng enтry.

➪ daтelιne ғor тнιѕ conтeѕт - 2359 нrѕ 29/4/2015. wιnnerѕ wιll вe annoυnced on oυr ғв page wιтнιn one weeĸ. 

➪ ғor any ғυrтнer enqυιrιeѕ, ғeel ғree тo conтacт мr ғranĸιe lee aт 97575401.


Good luck to you! :) 

Meanwhile, get 10% cash rebate when you purchase E&G warranty from me! 

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