Saturday, April 4, 2015

Find the right guy!

Sorry for flooding this blog with so many articles and books lately. I didn't suddenly become refine and grew fond of reading, I'm still the same old me, the same aunty lah!

Brought the kids to the library earlier, to let Raeann complete her homework, while I do some planning for an upcoming campaign. And then I saw this book which is quite interesting.

There's no such thing as the perfect man/woman but there is such a thing as the perfect man/woman for you. 

So true! One man's trash is another man's treasure. If he/she doesn't know how to cherish you, move on! 

If you'd never choose a friend like him or you'd hate to have a child who was like him, you're with the wrong guy. 

Nobody will ever understand this, unless they're in the same situation too. 

Is generous - with his time, attention, and money.

Okay, I need to elaborate on this - about being generous with money. I've met many stingy men, who think they are so generous! My god!

Generous with money doesn't mean that he has to spend ALL his money on you. 
Let's put it this way - being stingy on himself with material stuffs, but willing to spend that amount of money on you, just to make you happy.

Quoting an example:-

Now, he has $2k spare cash and he has been eyeing on something. At the same time, he knows that you have been eyeing on something for a long time too. What did he do?

1) Buy it for himself. 
2) Buy it for you. 

The answer is quite obvious actually. 
Well, there's nothing wrong with spending his own money. But he just don't love you enough lah.

However, if he scored like 9/10 (except his generousity), he can still be considered.

Men like him has already extincted. Handsome + faithful + loving = just too perfect - in the eyes of many. 

P/S: This post however, is based on my own POV. Do you agree with me? Cheers! 

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