Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I do read ok!

Aiyo, I thought I never liked reading... But actually it's not true. I just dislike reading things which I'm not interested in.

During school days, I will glance through the book and pick up only important points to read. Other than that, books will only make me sleep. The most powerful sleeping pill that works for me, lol! 

So, how do I realised it? Becos hor, due to my work, I've been researching and reading up many many articles!!! (And I secretly admit, that I love reading those love love or life stories/articles! Haha) 

Now, I love reading such articles...

All about marketing and advertising! Which is such a brain storming job. Okay, I just found out that I actually have a brain. Just that I didn't use it for a long time and it turned rusty. Hahaha

This has totally no link to what I have studied - accountancy. But I hate doing accounts. Becos it's a dead boring job to me. I don't wish to die trying to find that one cent for my balance sheet, lol. I'll suggest throwing it into the suspense account. 

Sorry, no offence, but don't you think that most accountants look very dull and dead? I pity them, they must be thinking where did the one cent goes to. 

So I realised I actually like to do marketing and advertising stuffs! (Maybe that's why I love to blog!) Events and planning also okay! Just don't ask me to do proposals can liao! Hahahaha 

Now, I'm wondering why didn't I realise it earlier and why didn't I focus on this earlier? Maybe I can do well leh. I'm saying maybe.

Oh уєѕ! I'm so happy! Cos I'm actually not so stupid one. 

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