Monday, April 6, 2015

I is fat!

Oh my holy mama, just now I checked Raeann's homework and there's a sentence (fill in the blank) - "I like this dress. I is very pretty." (Supposed to be "It"!)

Jialat! Why must she learn from me?! Hahahaha 

Skipped dinner and do about 2 hours of hula hoop. I wonder if I'm able to sleep tonight? 

I is very angry with myself cos I is very fat now! Cb! 

Anyway, quick congrats me! My tai tai dream is coming true soon. Someone is going to pay me $5k per month, to let me enjoy my life! Уєѕ! I can finally retire! Hahaha 

632 "famous" and he's going to get me Hermes! HOR???

My first campaign for EAC is coming up very soon! Excited yet scare at the same time, no idea how will the response be! Keeping all my fingers crossed! It's either do or die. So I really really need to do it good! Stressed! 

Car owners, watch this space okay! You will love this giveaway! :)

Working in the outside world is really not easy, especially after staying in a "protected" world for sooooo long. So many nonsense to deal with, other than your own job scope! And the most common one - politics!!! 

People are so scheming, till you have to keep wondering who is fake. And even when you do nothing to offend others, some people will still find faults with you, just for one reason - they dislike your face. Hahahaha 

Too bad lor! You can't possibly change your face to please them mah. Talk about changing face, I suddenly remember something one of my Primary school (Yes, it's more than 20 years ago, but I still remember it vividly!) mate said.

Conversation between him and our prefect... 

The male is one very funny and nonsense boy, always playing around, refused to study etc. 
Female: You better stop it, if not I'm going to 翻脸 liao. (Very angry tone!) 

Male: Ok lor! 你的脸现在有 pimple, 你翻去一个没有 pimple 的脸咯! 

We bursted out laughing...

It was so funny and it made me remember for more than 20 years. I'm still in contact with the prefect and I wonder how is Melvin now? Haha, WHY I STILL REMEMBER HIS NAME HUH?! I never fall for him before leh.

Anyway, I was too dumb and innocent to know what's date/stead/etc during my Primary school days. I didn't know what's stead until one day in Sec one, a guy come and ask if I want to 走 stead or not? I asked him "What's 走 stead? Why must 走 stead leh? 走去那里?" 

I feel stupid. Lolol 


  1. How come I don't remember this incident leh? Haha!

    1. Hahahah do you have any idea who is the female lead?


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